The Official Story Of Sacrifice

It all started back in 1985 with the single “Street Fighter”, now a high-priced collectors’ item. The band had booked time in Studio Hellrec, where Anders worked as a recording engineer. When it was time for the singer to do his part, it turned out he had left the band just the day before. The band members were however too embarrassed to cancel the recording. Instead they asked Anders if he could possibly record vocals for the tracks. He told the guys to go out and buy back some food. During their absence, he wrote lyrics and worked on the vocal melodies. 30 minutes later he had recorded the vocals and joined the project. The song was later picked up by Brazilian fighting game heavy metal band MegaDriver who recorded their version of the song. In 2015, 30 year after its release Sacrifice rose from the grave and did a re-recording of “Street Fighter” and the previously unreleased track “So You Better Run”. Sacrifice now featured original members Anders Strengberg (vocals), Mikael Gustavsson (drums) and Mats Svensson (bass), reinforced by highly acclaimed guitarist Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain, Jonas Hansson Band). Johan Åberg was engaged as co-producer, programmer and to handle the editing. It however took another five years, now the band’s 35th anniversary before Cult Metal Classics finally came into the picture. The recording is released on a 12” vinyl EP, CD and a 35 Years Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set (Including the 12” vinyl EP, a CD, a reissue of the original 7” vinyl single (Not Remastered) a t-shirt.

By Janne Stark.