Anders Strengberg  – Vocals
Thomas Axelsson – Guitar
Thomas Lundgren – Guitar
Mats Svensson – Bass
Mikael Gustavsson – Drums

Hammond B3 – Peter Svedén 

Produced, engineered and mixed by Anders String Strengberg at Hellrec Studio.
Remastered in 2015 by Anders String Strengberg and Johan Åberg at RökeNRåll Studio.
Remastered in 2020 “So You Better Run” by Anders String Strengberg and Jonas Hansson at JHPRO Studio.

Biography of 1985

Sacrifice – 1985 Swedish metal veterans Sacrifice was formed in 1985. The band Metal Muthas had booked a weekend for recording a demo in the classic Hellrec Studio (Parasite, Faith etc). The band featured drummer Mikael Gustavsson, bass player Mats Svensson and guitarists Thomas Lundgren and Thomas Axelsson. The person responsible for recording and mixing the band was Anders Strengberg, who also produced and recorded bands like Sadwings, Parasite, Faith etc. When all the rhythm parts and solos were recorded, Anders asked the guys when the singer was coming in to lay down the vocals. They all looked down, and reluctantly Mats finally explained that the singer had just left the band. Since they didn’t want to cancel the studio time, they proceeded with the recording. They finally asked Anders if he would sing on the recording. He asked if they had written lyrics for the songs, which they had. He told them to give him half an hour to try out some vocal ideas. Then he nailed the vocals for the songs “Street Fighter” and “So You Better Run” and mixed the recording that afternoon. The following week, the boys get together and decide to release a single, under the new project name Sacrifice. They enter the studio again, re-recorded “So You Better Run”, which was to be the A-side of the single. They also recorded the song Innocent Victim, which became the flipside. They however, luckily, change their minds and decided to scrap “So You Better Run” and use “Street Fighter” as the A-side. They use the demo version they had previously recorded 30 minutes after Anders introduction to the band. Sacrifice never did any live shows and the project folded after this. Mats, Mikael, Thomas and Thomas later continued and recorded a single under the name Crier, while Anders briefly joined the ranks of doomsters Mercy as guest singer and sound engineer. The single, pressed in only 500 copies and released on the Platina Records label, has since its humble release got a life of its own and become a high priced collectors’ item gaining prices of around 4-500€, becoming one of the most sought after and expensive singles. Since it was not only rare, but also highly praised for its quality it’s a true gem in collector circuits. “Street Fighter” is a piece of high class metal that fits perfectly in the top region of the era of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal… even though the band, of course, is from Sweden.