Anders Strengberg – Vocals
Jonas Hansson –  Guitars, keyboards, background vocals
Johan Åberg – Keyboards, percussion
Mats Svensson – Bass
Mikael Gustavsson – Drums

Background vocals – Joakim Olsson, Tina Mankell, Ingvar Bengtsson:
Growl – Daniel Klinteberg

Vocal Coach to Anders Strengberg – Ingvar Bengtsson MindVoice

Produced and arranged by Anders String Strengberg, Johan Åberg and Jonas Hansson.
Vocals and choirs produced and arranged by Jonas Hansson.
Mixed and mastered by Jonas Hansson at JHPRO Studio.
New Mixed and Mastered 2020 by Jonas Hansson at JHPRO Studio.

Biography of 2020

In 2014 Mikael, Mats and Anders got together at Mike’s place and decided it was time to do a 30-year anniversary release. Since Thomas and Thomas lived far away from the others, they decide to go on without the two. The plan was, not only to re-release the original version of “Street Fighter”, but to also make a re-recording. What also helped stoke the fire was when Brazilian fighting game influenced heavy metal band MegaDriver recorded a cover of the song “Street Fighter”, re-naming it “Born To Be Master”. As B-side for the new single Sacrifice decided to record the track “So You Better Run”, the song that was scrapped in 1985. They initially talked about recording the exact same versions as the originals, but they changed the plan and went for a more modern and up-to-date vibe and sound. Anders contacted engineer and producer Johan Åberg, who was thrilled, since he had wanted to work with Anders for the past 20 years. So, Johan was engaged as co-producer, programmer and to handle the editing (since Anders is still living in the analogue recording world). The two got together a few times to listen in on the modern hard rock/metal sound and try to apply this to the new Sacrifice recording. Johan programmed demos in his studio and sent them to Anders who made some changes. They went back and forth until they were both happy. The duo presented the result for the rest of the band, who were all in on it. During this time Anders had contemplated what guitarist to use on the recording. One day, the name Jonas Hansson popped up. Their paths had crossed a couple of times, and the first time was back in 1982 during the recording of the “Skånsk Rock 1” compilation, where Jonas was featured with his band Silver Mountain. They had then bumped into each other on several occasions and the last time was during the recording of the “Rock Of Sweden” compilation in 1988 (released on Jonas’ label Hex) where they both were featured in different bands. Jonas left Sweden and moved to Los Angeles, but since Anders had wanted to play together with Jonas ever since the “Skånsk Rock” experience, he made contact. Jonas remembered him and they immediately got along. Jonas had now moved back to Sweden, which made things easier. Anders sent the original songs and his and Johan’s the new versions. Jonas was in. First only as a guitarist, but after having heard the stuff he had done the past 20 years, Anders also wanted him in on the production as co-producer. Jonas also took over the orchestral and choir arrangements, plus Anders wanted him to also produce his vocals. It was also decided Jonas would mix the album, and finally Anders let go of the production altogether, in favour of Johan and Jonas, but still kept an eye on things as executive producer and also kept in touch with everybody involved in the Sacrifice 2014/15 Project.