Jonas Hansson has joined the revitalized Sacrifice project 2015
Jonas Hansson has joined the revitalized Sacrifice project 2015

We are happy to announce that Jonas Hansson has joined the revitalized Sacrifice project 2015 as the guitarist and co-producer.

Jonas started his career at the age of 3, singing live at Amiralen, Malmö on a Christmas event, moving on to playing piano at 7 and he picked up the guitar at 12. When Jonas was 14 he was in the back-up band for Inger Nilsson (Pippi Longstocking) and on this tour he played in Pamplona in front of 20 000 people. In the late 70s, he formed, now classic, Swedish metal band Silver Mountain (the band that featured the notorious Johansson brothers, later in Rising Force). In 1979 the band released their first single, Man Of No Present Existence (now a high priced collector’s item) and during its early years the band also released 3 studio albums and a live album, recorded in Hibiya, Japan. The music showcased Jonas’ swift, technical guitar playing, with a nod to classic players like Richie Blackmore and Uli Jon Roth. The band split and Jonas moved to the US where he started producing artists and members from bands like LA Guns, Incubus, Iced earth, Steel Prophet, Billy Sheehan, Albert Lee among others. He was also writing film music for trailers like “Hide And Seek”, “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”, “Legend Of Zorro” and many more. He made some recordings under his own name and with Jonas Hansson Band. Silver Mountain showed a new life sign in 2001 with Silver Mountain, when the album Breaking Chains was released, a collection of old unreleased songs that were now re-recorded. Finally he moved back to Sweden and in 2010 after a FaceBook group request, Jonas gathered most of his former band members and resurrected Silver Mountain for a DVD recording at Pildammsparken in Malmö. The response was outstanding and Silver Mountain kept going, playing festivals such as the classic Muskelrock and Headbangers Open Air (Germany). Jonas is also involved in a project featuring Graham Bonnet, Doogie White, Zuberoa Aznarez and Zak Stevens among others.


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