Lead vocals for the songs “Street Fighter” and “So You Better Run”!
Lead vocals for the songs “Street Fighter” and “So You Better Run”!

Thursday August 20, Anders laid down some fierce lead vocals for the songs “Street Fighter” and “So You Better Run” in the Black Gold Studio. Jonas Hansson produced, Johan Åberg handled the engineering and they were also assisted by one of Sweden’s highest regarded vocal coaches, Ingvar Bengtsson (Mind Voice Vocal Institute).

Anders explains: “Ingvar and I have been friends for a long time, and we have even played together in Wham Glam Boys. Without Ingvar’s help it would have been much more difficult to get my vocals in working order after an eight years hiatus. We did a lot of technical exercises to get the deep breathing in order and open up the thorax. He gave me 4-5 lessons and I have also been working on my fitness”.

He also gives Jonas Hansson a lot of credit for the recordings and the way he produced his vocal. “I was of course a bit nervous since I had gone eight years without singing and even if Jonas and I have become very close friends during the project, he is still my guitar hero. But the great vocal producer he is, he calmed me down and after a while I just sang”, says Anders, who felt he had prepared well with the vocal training. This made it easier for Jonas to push Anders to sing notes he didn’t even know he could sing anymore. He also helped with the pronunciation, words to put the emphasis on or to put more feeling into.
He continues – “I have never had the stamina to sing this much in a studio before, and I have never sounded this good. I think some people won’t even hear it’s me”, he says with a laugh.

One of his wishes going back 33 years has also come true. Since 1982, when he heard Silver Mountain for the first time, he has always wanted to work together with Jonas Hansson on a recording. He claims this is his biggest moment as musician and singer.

The result is worth waiting for!

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