“Street Fighter” has become a fighting game song!

Sacrifice are happy to announce that our song “Street Fighter” has become a fighting game song under the new name “Born To Be Master”.

“Born To Be Master” is a fighting games tribute recorded by the band MegaDriver. The song was based on a great song called “Street Fighter”, originally recorded by Swedish hard rock band Sacrifice. The song was released on a limited edition vinyl single in 1985, now a rare collector’s item. The song perfectly represents the whole atmosphere of the Street Fighter game series, even thought it was released years before the first game. MegaDriver re-recorded the music, adding new riffs and solos, and wrote new lyrics inspired by the modern fighting games e-sport scene.

MegaDriver is a Brazilian heavy metal band devoted to videogame music, the creators of the “GAME METAL” music genre. In the MP3 section you will be able to download all of ours songs. Have fun and Stay Heavy!


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